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Written by Judy

On August 8, 2022
Please Sign Up in the 2022 Lake Holiday Voting & Communication Preferences Drive!

This year, Lake Holiday is continuing to offer electronic voting as an optional method of Absentee voting in LHCC elections.  The existing options of voting by paper ballot (either absentee or in person) will still be available for members who prefer to vote that way.  But electronic voting offers a very convenient, cost-effective, and secure method of voting for those who wish to utilize it. We are also offering members the option of receiving their election materials and other LHCC written communications electronically.  These will save our community time and money so we hope you will take advantage of these electronic options.  This Drive has two purposes:

  1. To make sure we have accurate and up-to-date information for all of you; and
  2. To find out what each of you prefer in terms of voting and communication options.

IF YOU ALREADY SIGNED UP AT LAST YEAR OR SINCE THEN, you do not need to sign up again unless your information has changed since you last signed up.

IF YOU DO NOT OWN YOUR PROPERTY (your name is not on the deed), you may still sign up for electronic communications.  Just follow the instructions below under “PLEASE RESPOND” and follow the instructions on the website or request a paper Non-Owner form.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PROPERTIES WITH MORE THAN ONE OWNER: In our Annual Elections, each property gets one vote regardless of how many people own the property. To ensure that each property receives only one absentee ballot (either paper or electronic), please:

  • Decide together what absentee voting method you want to use for your property
  • Designate a single email address for each property for owner voting communication and delivery of the electronic ballot. This distinction is only for voting purposes.
  • Each owner is encouraged to submit their information preferences on the official Owner form.  All owners of a single property must use the same electronic ballot delivery email address for that single property.

IF YOU OWN MULTIPLE PROPERTIES AT LAKE HOLIDAY, you must fill out one Owner Form for each property.

PLEASE RESPOND by one of these methods: (If you do not respond, we will default to electronic communications and paper absentee ballot.  But please respond so we are sure we have your most current information.  Thank you.) 

Respond online by going to or using the QR Code on the right to access the online form.  (To use the QR Code, aim your cell phone camera at the QR code and hold it for a few seconds.  You should then get a browser popup that you can click to be taken to the site.)
If you prefer to complete a paper form, please contact the Office to request a form, specifying whether you are an Owner or Non-Owner. If possible, however, please use our website to update your information so that you can be 100% certain that your information is accurate. If you elect to use a paper form, please be sure to write clearly and legibly.  This form may then be dropped off in the collection box at the front gate or mailed to:    Lake Holiday Office, 1045 Lakeview Drive, Cross Junction, VA 22625.
IF YOU WISH TO VOTE ELECTRONICALLY, WE MUST RECEIVE YOUR INFORMATION NO LATER THAN September 2, 2022.  Please also add to your email contacts so your ballot email doesn’t go to spam.

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