April Board Meeting Recap


Written by Judy

On July 27, 2022

Provided by Board Secretary Elizabeth Hair

The Board voted for the following items/systems:

· To update the existing Marina camera system due to the Marina reconfiguration.

· To replace the failed HVAC Unit in the Clubhouse that serves the upstairs bathrooms, hallway and Administrative Office.

· Approved the Community Garden plans and purchase 3 security cameras to thwart thievery.

· Approved the Nominating Committee Co-Chairs (Michelle and Mike Bradshaw).

The PRP Working Group found various deficiencies in PRP 14, “Clubhouse” that needed direction from the Board before the Group could finish the update.  The Board approved or tabled the following points of discussion:

· Any individual who rents the Clubhouse must: secure a General Liability policy as either a separate event policy or as a rider/umbrella on their homeowner’s policy; with a minimum liability coverage of $1M; list Lake Holiday Country Club (LHCC) as an additional insured party; and provide a Certificate of Liability for this coverage to the LHCC Administrative Office

· An “Eligible Tenant” who rents a home in the community from an “Eligible Member” and said tenant is in good standing for 9 months and provides the required liability coverage (identified in the point above) may rent the Clubhouse.

· Allow the rental of the clubhouse by a member or tenant for the purpose of making a profit was tabled until the Working Group could provide better options.   

· Identify a limitation on how often a member or business can rent the Clubhouse during the season was tabled for a later discussion.

· To charge a fee to use the dance floor to cover costs for damages and replacement.

· To charge a fee up to $100 per balloon for each helium balloon removed from the ceiling to cover the costs as the Association does not have equipment to remove them.

The Restaurant Working Group provided an update and stated the last viable option may be “Food Truck 2.0” but may recant due to the following new information. Due to Health Department issues concerning our food trucks, Director Majewski and LHCC Administrative Office employee Judy Schumer (who schedules the food trucks) met with the Frederick County Health Department and the Lord Fairfax Health District supervisor. During the conversation, the following points were made by the Health Department:

· There is no such thing as a stationed/permanent outdoor (i.e. permanent food truck) kitchen; if it’s not attached to or isn’t a brick-and-mortar building, it is a food truck and follows food truck rules. 

· Food trucks must be removed daily and taken to a commissary (restaurant) where they can replenish their cold storage, water, supplies, etc.; and expel wastewater/waste for the next day/operation.

· The County would never permit wait staff to transfer food from a mobile kitchen to inside a clubhouse.

· Tents can only be used for an event (temporary) such as a pop-up chef or a “runner” brings prepackaged food to the tent in a warming box for people to purchase. 

· Per the Health Department and Virginia ABC, food trucks are not permitted to sell alcohol, only brick-and-mortar establishments can, unless a Special Event License is acquired for tent purposes only. 

That’s the news for this month.  Have a good day!

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