Aqua VA Advisory Council Established


Written by Anthony Morelli

On February 11, 2020

The Lake Committee (LC) has been working closely with Aqua Virginia to develop a mutually beneficial relationship regarding protection and health of our lake as well as enhanced customer service within our community.

The Customer Advisory Council will be comprised of several Aqua representatives, LC members, Board members and 2-4 additional residents. The LC is seeking resident volunteers to assist with the important work of this group. If you have a background in water quality monitoring or engineering and are interested in volunteering, please contact the Office or one of the Lake Committee Chairpersons for further information.

In other news, the Lake Committees offers the following recommendations and some requirements for residents who live along the waterfront.

De-Icers: Some residents on the lake use de-icers to prevent damage to waterfront properties from ice.  The most popular de-icers (sometimes called bubblers) are manufactured by Kasco. Here is a link to their site: Kasco De-Icers/Circulators.

A typical de-icer costs $500-$600. Some use thermostats to control their de-icer, others just monitor the lake ice manually.

Securing Dock Areas: Each lakefront property owner should secure their dock area. This includes: (1) removing all floating gadgets from the lake and storing them for next season; (2) checking all connections and cables on floating docks to be sure they are ready for winter; (3) removing all minnow traps, crayfish traps and dockside live-wells and storing them for winter, and (4) securing all kayaks, canoes and small boats for winter.

We may experience strong winds. There are cases on record where wooden boats as large 14-feet long have blown off of racks, so it is important to be sure that all small craft are tied to the rack itself in at least two points.

Portable Gazebos: The time has come to dismantle the portable gazebos and store them for the winter. We have cases on record where strong winds or snowfall has effectively destroyed a portable gazebo.  Protect your investment by storing them for the winter.

Dock Inspections: Starting in 2020, the Lake Committee and Architectural Committee will work together to inspect docks and boat hoists around the lake to ensure they meet the requirements of PRP 1, Section H: Boat Dock Facilities Guidelines.

Initial inspections will recommend required improvements as necessary, with secondary inspections (non-compliance) referred to the Compliance Committee for required repairs and/or removal. During various 2018 and 2019 storm events, improperly secured docks and portions thereof have broken free and were driven by wind and wave action all the way to the dam. 

As necessary,  the Lake Committee can assist homeowners locate suitable contractors to perform required  work. If you  need help with your waterfront situation, please contact the Lake Holiday Office or one of the Lake Committee Chairpersons.


Crayfish Traps: These typically cost about $30-$50 and are available from Cabela’s, Tomahawk Live Trap, Jake’s Bait Shop and other sources. Powder-coated traps last much longer. Our experience seems to indicate that, as security from large fish, crayfish view the traps as housing and will enter even if there is no bait in the trap. The trap should be emptied every week or two, but the crayfish will likely re-enter.

The primary reason to use a crayfish trap is to allow children to play with the crayfish before returning them to the lake. The existence of crayfish is an indicator of good water quality.

If you use a trap and the number of crayfish seems to diminish over time (i.e. several months), please notify the Lake Committee as we might want to do some additional testing in your area. Below is a link to see a sample trap and pricing from: Tomahawk Live Trap.


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