Buildings & Grounds Committee Update, February 2018


Written by Judy

On February 21, 2018

Members in Attendance: Karen Gahr, Frances Coates, Jim Coates (Board Liaison), Tim Kost, Barbara Magill, Don Myers, Diane Noble, Alex Perka, Pam Perka, Lee Reams, Richard Schoppet, John Supko, Cyndi White

Absent: Phil McAllister, Robert Middleton, Anthony Morelli, Chris Sypher, Bob Taylor

Barbara called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM. With a quorum established, the minutes from the December meeting were unanimously approved.

Jim Coates updated the committee on Board of Directors’ actions and requests for our committee. The guardrail phase one project was approved, the contract was signed, and the down payment was made. Our request that the south side evacuation road be evaluated was sent to the Security Committee. The Master Planning Committee requested that we provide feedback on the new Proposed Budget Planning document.

The office made copies for our committee to peruse, and Barbara asked for reactions, suggestions, responses to it by e-mail to her so that members could take time to digest it. Jim related that B and G projects for 2019 be prioritized by our committee with those most realistic and most likely to be approved receiving high priority. The issue of using Office 365 for committee use was discussed and opposed by our committee. PRP-12 was passed at the last Board meeting with meeting times to be determined by the committee; removal of a member with three consecutive absences was removed from the PRP.

With copies of the proposed Budget Plan distributed, the committee felt that we would not have a comment at this time due to need for reading and responding. Suggestions will be forwarded to Barbara who will forward them to Jim Coates.

The committee next reviewed several plans for a sign to be placed at the entrance. After lengthy discussion of the pros, cons, limitations, and desired features of each separate sign, the committee voted unanimously that Barbara present two of the proposals for electronic signs to the Board for its consideration.

Reading, review, revision, and adoption of the combined PRP 2 and PRP 18 occurred next. Barbara and the office staff had previously created a working document for discussion. It was unanimously approved that the revised, amended draft be shared with the committee, and then forwarded to Jim for inclusion in the Board Book for this month.

Lee Reams brought a wooden trail sign for the committee to evaluate. The committee unanimously approved the sign with the suggestion that the level of difficulty of the trail be included on the sign. Lee will see to it that the six proposed signs will be completed and ready for installation in the spring at the head of the trails and at the entrance to Beach III.

Don presented researched figures to prepare the surface of the walking trails near the proposed community hub on the former golf course. Don had obtained estimates from Perry Construction to deliver #10 dust (pulverized gravel) to be used as the surface. Discussion of the width ensued with the options of 8-foot-wide paths versus 4-foot-wide paths. Delivered cost for 20-25 loads amounted to $6860 and would cover approximately 2500 feet for 8-foot-wide paths or approximately 5,000 feet for 4-foot-wide paths. We would need to rent equipment to roll and compact the paths because LHCC equipment could not handle this. Don will get more precise figures for our March meeting when we would need them to create our budget request. Don also offered to work closely with Roger to begin clearing of hiking trails before spring. Several others volunteered to join in.

The committee next discussed the items needed in the proposed community hub project. Tim will research costs needed for horseshoe pits. It was felt that bocce was too expensive to include right away. Picnic tables are an option, but must be set in concrete to insure that they will not be taken. The committee could not make a field trip to the proposed hub site due to inclement weather, but this will happen when the weather cooperates.

Barbara informed the committee that it operates under the same Code of Conduct which the Board follows. Under that document, members are required to support decisions voted by the majority of the committee. It is inappropriate for a member to use social media such as Facebook or e-mails to Board Members which malign the integrity of the committee or individuals on the committee. If this occurs, it is a violation of the Code of Conduct and the egregious behavior could result in the offending person being removed from the committee.

With thanks to the committee for its hard work, Barbara adjourned the meeting at 11:55 a.m. Our next meeting will be held on Monday, February 5th at 10:00 a.m.

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