General Manager’s Report, August 2019


Written by Mike Goodwin

On August 24, 2019

Lake Holiday Dam Maintenance and DCR Compliance Status Update: The Lake Holiday Dam, VA dam inventory #06914, is classified as a High Hazard Dam and, as such, is subject to a number of regulatory requirements. Compliance oversight is administered by the Department of Conservation and Recreation, with the Regional Dam Safety Engineer, Dr. Zhengang “Michael” Wang being responsible for compliance verification.

Regulations require that the dam be inspected routinely by the Dam Operator (the GM serves as the registered operator), and at least every two years by a professional engineer.  In addition, the DCR may inspect the dam at any time to ensure maintenance standards are being met, and that there are no notable deficiencies.  The dam is currently operated under a Non-Conditional Regular Operations and Maintenance Certificate.  This certificate is valid for a period of six years and may be withdrawn if the dam is deemed not to meet the applicable requirements.  The current certificate will expire in September along with the EAP which was submitted at the last certificate issuance.

The process of understanding the regulations, associated requirements and the necessary submissions has been a time-consuming part of my efforts on behalf of LHCC the past few months and I am happy to report that things are progressing nicely. Over the past month or so, I have revised and updated our EAP, submitted the revised document, and received a notice of approval from the DCR. Now I will need to distribute the approved document to all holders of record.

Earlier in the summer we fulfilled the requirement for an independent engineers’ inspection and the resultant engineers’ report has now been accepted by the DCR. I have submitted an application for a new O&M certificate, which is currently under administrative review, and most recently, I joined Dr. Wang for a required State Safety Engineer’s inspection of the dam.

Dr. Wang was generally quite pleased with the dam’s condition and with the level of maintenance and operator oversight of conditions there.  He did however request that I create a buffer area on the south end of the dam by removing all woody plant material for a distance of 25’ from where the man-made dam grade intersects with the pine covered natural terrain slope. The maintenance crew will be working on this in the coming days and, once completed, I will be providing verification of completion to Dr. Wang.  Dr. Wang anticipates no issues with the approval of a new 6-year O&M certificate once that work has been completed.

Project Status Updates:

Boat Parking Yard Expansion: Expansion of the boat & trailer parking area into parcel 21C has begun as planned and significant progress has been made.  At present, the roads have been roughed in and base stone has been placed and compacted. Gravel will be added and leveled on these roadways in the next week or so and the maintenance crew has begun placing storage spot marker post to delineate the newly created spaces.  This new area will provide approximately 75 new storage spots for lease.  There currently are approximately 30 members on a waiting list for spots when they do become available. 

2019 Parking Lot Maintenance & Sealing: Wilson’s Asphalt Maintenance successfully completed the School Bus Stop repairs and improvements prior to the start of the school year.  The project came in on budget as proposed with a total cost of $10,875.  Wilson’s will be undertaking the work contracted for the Clubhouse area parking lots in the coming weeks, but has not yet set an exact start date.  This has been in part due to the warm sunny weather we have had recently and the resultant parking lot usage.  Ideally, usage will decrease as the weather begins to turn colder, resulting in less traffic in the lot during the planned maintenance operations. Staff will update the community once a start date is known.

2019 Tar & Chip: I spoke to Andy Lewin or Carroll Construction earlier today regarding his schedule and the timing of this year’s tar and chip applications.  Carroll Construction is running slightly behind their originally planned schedule due to other commitments such as those to VDOT.  Andy has tentatively scheduled the LHCC work to begin just after Labor Day and anticipates completion by Friday September 13th

The following streets/areas are scheduled to receive treatment during this round of tar and chip applications:

  • Lakeview from the end of Masters Drive to Lake Holiday Rd
  • West Masters Drive
  • Green Drive
  • Woods Drive
  • Eagle Drive
  • Divot Place
  • Point Place
  • Downhill Circle
  • Waterside Lane
  • Portions of South Lakeview Drive
  • The Entry and Exit lanes from Redland Road to Masters

Although passage will remain open on all roadways during the tar and chip application process, delays are anticipated… please allow adequate time for safe travel through the work zones and obey flagger/traffic controllers’ instructions.  Please note that newly treated areas will have loose gravel and sticky tar which may stick to one’s shoes, please adjust pet walking routines, etc. as you deem necessary until the surface has fully cured (roughly 4 – 6 weeks after tar & chip treatment). Click here for tips: Road Work Ahead!

New Stop Sign Installations: The Board of Directors has recently approved of some new stop sign installations based upon the Security Committee’s recommendations.  These new signs will result in 3-way stops at the following locations:

  • The intersection of Woods Drive and West Masters Drive
  • The intersection of Lakeview Drive and Masters Drive
  • The intersection of Colonial Drive and Masters Drive

These new signs are scheduled to be installed in the next few weeks (once the trailer storage expansion and work on the dam has been completed).  Staff will send out additional community notifications once installations are under way.

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