General Manager’s Report, December 2017


Written by Mike Goodwin

On January 15, 2018

Phase I Guardrail Proposal: I recently met with Phil McAllister of the Building & Grounds Committee on December 1st, 2017 to consider options for cost reductions in Phase I of the guardrail proposals submitted in 2016. During our discussions we discovered that the original price submitted to the Association by Kidwell Fencing, had included the entire 594′ of guardrail proposed for the dam hill on South Lakeview Drive and not the 300′ proposed for Phase I.

Until the error was recognized, staff was unaware that the price had been elevated by an error in the total length proposed for installation. Upon discovery of the issue, staff immediately contacted Kidwell for an updated price. The updated price of $22,100 exactly matches the amount which was originally budgeted for guardrails in 2017. The basis for the original estimate was a per-foot price received by staff from Kidwell in 2016. That per-foot price was $65, resulting in an exact match to the budgeted amount because Kidwell is holding the price point the same in 2017. Kidwell remains the only vendor located who is willing to install the guardrail through hand-digging and the use of concrete footings.

Office 365 Groups and Email: Office 365 Groups provide a platform for collaboration and enhanced communications among group members. Staff has found the platform to be user friendly and relatively easy to use. Access to information and emails via multiple devices (such as phones, laptops, and home PCs) from any location, and it has proven to be quite beneficial to communication efficiency.

Over the past year, the Board has utilized the platform extensively for communications and collaboration, but only a few of the LHCC committees have chosen to do so. After recent committee organizational meetings, the office sent out a request to Committee Chairs for a list of members and their preferred email addresses so that members could be invited to the groups. With this information in hand, I sent out invitations to committee members to join the appropriate Office 365 groups. I began sending these invitations out on Monday, December 11th, 2017, and by early that afternoon, I had received quite a few emails, phone calls, and in-person comments regarding the invites and the group platform.

Some of the questions and comments centered on the technical “how to(s)” regarding group emails, platform usage, etc. while others focused on security and operating procedures. Some members questioned things like “who is the administrator?”, “who can read my emails?”, “how do I know that members outside of my group are not being copied on my correspondence?”, “what is the purpose?”, etc. Overall, the comments were not very positive, and the majority of those who contacted me expressed a reluctance to use the platform due to their questions regarding various aspects of it.

I wanted to bring this to the Board’s attention, and suggest that to alleviate confusion, to address such questions, and to explain the envisioned usage of Office 365 by the Association, it may be prudent for the Association to develop and publish documentation including details regarding Office 365 basic usage, administration, and security of information (perhaps other details as well). I do not know if this will increase the actual usage by committee groups or not, but it may serve to address some of the questions leading to the expressed reluctance to utilize the platform.

Ongoing Project Updates: Docufree update – All LHCC documents scheduled for scanning by Docufree have been shipped to Docufree’s site in Georgia, and are scheduled for scanning over the course of the next few weeks. During the scanning process, the office will have very limited document availability. If documents are needed prior to scanning, there are provisions for retrieval by Docufree, but such may result in extra expense. As such, retrieval requests will only be made if a matter is truly time-sensitive and the documents are needed promptly. We apologize for any inconveniences that this may cause, and we thank you for your patience.

Open-Mesh Update: The Open-Mesh hardware necessary for Clubhouse Wi-Fi improvements has been installed and is working well. Signal strength is excellent throughout the building and for a fair distance outside of it as well. The “guest” and the “meeting” networks have been configured for member use and are up and running.

Maintenance Department Updates: The maintenance department is currently working to cutback the underbrush and overgrowth along the roadsides throughout the community with a priority being placed upon areas in which drivers’ line of sight may be adversely impacted by the vegetation. Please be cautious when traveling through such work zones, as the workers may not see you, and often cannot hear due to the noise created by the equipment being used.

The LHCC maintenance crew (with assistance from E R Neff, Inc.) re-graded the back-gate road (Lakeview Road to the Whitacre Road exit) at the beginning of the month. This roadway is often utilized during poor weather as a secondary exit/entrance to the community which allows members to avoid the hills at Yielders Run. The roadway had become narrow and had numerous evident erosion issues prior to the regrading. We are pleased to announce that the roadway is now in much better shape than it was previously, and is ready for service should winter weather dictate the need.

Trash Facility Compactor Loop: Many members of the community, along with some members of the Board of Directors, have expressed a desire to see the trash compactor loop hard surfaced with pavement or concrete. Our maintenance crew would welcome such an improvement as well, as it would cut down on the maintenance efforts necessary in the loop.

I met with Jerry Wilson of Republic Services (our waste management company) on Friday, December 8th, 2017 to discuss the logistics of open-top and compactor container delivery and removal, and the impacts that such would have on various hard surfaces. Jerry reported that while the firm has installed metal rails over pavement in some locations, that such has proven problematic, and that the pavement is inevitably damaged by routine operations. Jerry recommended that the Association utilize concrete in areas impacted by container transfers. I have asked for Jerry and his drivers to discuss the situation further, and to define the size and locations of areas impacted by such transfers, and to then make specific recommendations for surfacing in those areas. Jerry indicated that he would be pleased to do so. Once I have received recommendations back from Republic, I will further investigate options and pricing so that the Board will have relevant information to consider hard-surfacing for potential implementation.

Thank you.

(Submitted by Mike Goodwin)

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