General Manager’s Report, December 2019


Written by Mike Goodwin

On December 1, 2019

Replacement Reserve Items:

Barrier Gate Operators – As previously reported to the Board back in June of this year, the barrier gate operators currently installed at the front gate have worn out prematurely and need replacement.  The barriers were installed in 2016, with the expectation that they would last for up to ten years before replacement would be necessary. As such, they appear in the replacement reserve plan for replacement in 2026 ($16k).

When issues first arose this summer, BK Solutions was able to take actions expected to extend the useful life another six months in order to allow time for planning and replacement. Those temporary measures are still working and are allowing continued use at this time.

LHCC has two barrier gate operators in storage at our maintenance facility. These operators were purchased for and utilized at the temporary entrance created during the spillway reconstruction. The operators are Door King model 1601 and are intended for high traffic continuous use conditions. They came with a warranty for a period of five years under such conditions (purchased in 2010). The controllers were utilized for approximately 1.5 years under light traffic volume.  With this in mind, they should have a number of useful years of life left in them.

In consideration of these “in stock” operators, I requested an evaluation of their current condition and a quote to install them from both BK Solutions, and Golden Seal Enterprises.  BK declined the invitation as they did not want to install used equipment. Golden Seal evaluated the units, found them to be in good condition, and provided an estimate for their installation.  BK provided a quote for new units installed (FAAC 115v units which are identical to those currently installed). Copies of these quotes are in the board book materials and have been provided to the Board of Directors.

All inclusive (including reworking the concrete base), installing those already owned should come in under $5k, while purchasing new units would come in at around $10,800. 

It is debatable as to the useful life left in the used units, but in consideration of the original warranty period and Golden Seal’s evaluation, I believe they likely have a number of useful years left.  Of course, there is always the possibility of early failure and with their age, they are no longer under warranty. The Board will need to consider how to proceed with further information also provided for the board meeting.

Server Replacement – The primary office server which provides onsite storage of resources utilized by staff members during their daily work, needs replacement.  The server is a 2008 PowerEdge T310 and has been in service for roughly a decade now. Microsoft will discontinue support for the server at the end of this year, and our IT vendor is recommending replacement prior to that occurrence.

The server replacement was planned for 2018 on the replacement reserve schedule, but replacement at that time was neither necessary nor recommended.   The recommend replacement server is quoted at $4,882.76.  After receiving our vendor recommendation and quote, I requested input from the TechComm Committee regarding the appropriateness of the server recommended. The TechComm Committee agrees with the server recommended. With this in mind, I recommend that the Board approve replacement of the server with funding to come out of replacement reserve.

Various Additional Updates:

QuickBooks Hosting – At the June 25, 2019 Board meeting, the Board voted to migrate QuickBooks to an Intuit Certified managed hosting provider. This was subsequently included in 2020 budget planning and host options were investigated by staff, by our IT vendor, and by the TechComm Committee.

After careful consideration, ACE Cloud Hosting was selected as the host of choice. Staff has now secured the necessary server space, and migration is tentatively scheduled for December 5th, 2019. During the migration, staff will be unable to access member account details.  The exact length of time necessary to complete migration is unknown, but it is expected to be completed in one day.

Marina Dock Configuration Option – Over the course of the summer, we have had multiple events which resulted in damages to the marina docks and their anchoring cables.  These occurrences have understandably raised concerns regarding the safety of member boats in the marina and have resulted in many questions/comments regarding the situation and what is being done to address it. 

President Tracyzk requested that I provide an update and some background information in this report so that the Board as well as LHCC members in general would be aware of what we are doing to address the issue.

To appropriately address the subject, it is important that we start form a position of reasonable understanding of what the issues actually are. The cause of these damages although weather-related, actually stem from a more significant issue. The primary issue being the type of cable anchor arrangement currently utilized for our deep-water anchoring (defined as depths in excess of 16’, the point at which pole anchors begin to become ineffective).  The deep-water anchors consist of 3/8 braided stainless steel cable connected to concrete bottom weights arranged in a criss-crossing pattern.  If these weights are heavy enough to prevent movement of the weight, the cables may snap when stressed or, in some cases, the pier may become partially submerged resulting in damages to the pier itself. (We have seen both of these possibilities occur at differing times depending upon the amount of weight utilized.)

On the converse side, if the weights are not heavy enough, they will slide along the bottom during wind events, storms, etc., become ineffectual, and allow the pier to move too freely side to side resulting in damages to hinge points, the breaking of safety cables, etc. 

Over the course of the 14 years in which I have been involved in operations here at LHCC, we have had a number of consultants look at the situation in an attempt to find a logical and economical solution.  Out of those interactions, only two viable solutions have been identified. The two primary ways to address the issue involve either providing a flexible link in the deep-water anchoring system or relocating the piers to shallower water in order to allow primary anchoring with driven metal poles such as we see on dock 3. 

Flexible link options were thoroughly investigated back in the late 2000s (2009 I believe), and pricing was obtained to add Seaflex anchoring systems to the two piers which currently have cable connections. Seaflex systems utilize an elastic link which allows the pier to rise and settle in response to changing water levels, wind shear, etc. without losing tension or creating too much tension.  As the water recedes, they simply settle back in the original location without any resultant damages.  

The only problem with such solutions is the relatively high price tag.  Estimates for the two docks exceeded $100k and did not include the necessary anchors or their placement into the water.  The estimators calculated that anchors would need to weigh around 1200 pounds each to avoid additional issues (four would be required for each pier).  With price ruling this option out (at least at that time), the only real solution remaining was/is relocation.

With multiple issues occurring again this summer, I have been working on a plan which would allow relocation of the docks into more shallow waters so that they may be anchored with driven metal poles rather than deep water cables. Our vendor, Deep Creek Docks, agrees that this would be the ultimate solution to the problem and has recently provided some estimates for the necessary work and re-configuration of the marina. I have passed these estimates along with diagrams on to the Lake Committee for their input, thoughts, and recommendations, and will be available to assist any way I can in the development of a complete plan along these lines.

The quotes received do not include all necessary work but do include all necessary parts and labor for the docks, their anchors and reconfiguration. In addition to the estimates for those items, paths to the piers would need to be modified, landings for catwalks may need to be created/adjusted, safety cables and their shore anchors would need to be installed, etc. I have included a rough illustration of the proposed reconfiguration at along witht he board book materials as well.

Dam Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Permit – The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (VDCR) has approved of and issued a six-year Operation and Maintenance Permit for the Lake Holiday Dam. The new permit will expire on September 30, 2025.

Maintenance Department News:

Lake Holiday is currently seeking a Maintenance Supervisor to lead our maintenance team.  To that end, we are currently running ads in the local papers seeking applicants.  In addition, we have three current team members who are interested in applying for the supervisor position.  These team members will be considered along with any additional qualified applicants.  We anticipate filling the position by mid-December.  Until the position is filled, Jill and I are working together with the department to provide direction and additional oversight.

Leaf Clean Up – The Maintenance team will be working to remove excess leaves and debris from the roadside ditches in the coming weeks.  Please be cautious when traveling through work zones as the workers often cannot hear approaching cars due to machinery noise.

Management requests that members refrain from dumping their leaves and debris into the ditches. Doing so places an unnecessary burden upon the Association and may create water drainage issues, road, and property damages, and is considered illegal dumping.  Additionally, please refrain from blowing leaves into the lake. Doing so creates a whole other set of issues and may negatively impact lake water quality. Disposal of leaves from individual lots are the responsibility of the lot owner, not the Association. There is an open-top dumpster provided for member use at the maintenance facility. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Goodwin, LHCC General Manager

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