General Manager’s Report, July 2018


Written by Mike Goodwin

On July 18, 2018


Mobotix Camera System:  In coordination with the Security Committee and Staff, Golden Seal Enterprises conducted an audit of the existing Mobotix camera system in May of this year.  During the audit, Golden Seal updated all associated software and firmware.  In addition, Golden Seal assessed the functionality of the existing system through a field inspection and through interactions with staff regarding issues/limitations.

As a result, Golden Seal formulated several recommendations for improvements in critical areas to overcome functional difficulties.  The Security Committee has reviewed the recommended changes/enhancements and is recommending a few upgrades.  The Security Committee’s report and recommendations are ready for the July Board of Directors Meeting.

Management agrees with the Committee’s recommendations and believe that the upgrades suggested will help to overcome some of the current system’s limitations and that they will allow for better functionality in key surveillance areas.  The expense related to the recommended upgrades would be a Replacement Reserve expenditure and would therefore not affect the 2018 operating budget.  Management recommends that the Board approve of the Golden Seal upgrade recommendations as detailed by the Security Committee, to be funded out of Replacement Reserve, in an amount not to exceed $11,000.

Boat & Trailer Storage:  The Boat and Trailer storage areas are now at full occupancy, with all available spots leased.  Demand for additional parking spots remains high, and staff is now having to turn away members who are seeking spots.  The Board will need to consider the creation of additional spots for leasing to members.  If so recommended, Board will ultimately need to review and approve the selection of an appropriate location.

Paving Patches & Tar and Chip:  Carroll Construction will be in Lake Holiday patching several small areas sometime over the next few weeks in preparation for the tar and chip applications planned for the end of August/beginning of September.  They were prioritizing tar and chip applications with other areas being added to the list as a result of my routine property inspections.  Patching should only take a few days and no road closures or long-term delays are anticipated.  The tar and chip applications remain scheduled for August/early September.  Carroll anticipates finalizing the planned start date over the next few weeks, and we will work to communicate the timeline as soon as we receive a tentative start date.

Yearly Dam Inspection:  Due to the acceptance of the revised Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) spillway flow capacity data by the DCR in the fall of 2017, the required yearly dam inspection may now be performed in-house every other year. I have conducted my inspection in accordance with our engineer’s guidance and am now preparing my final report for submission to Dr. Wang, the DCR Reginal Dam Safety Engineer.  Once filed (this week), the report will satisfy the requirements for our 2018 inspection.  In 2019, LHCC will again need to have our Dam engineer conduct the inspection.

Clubhouse Projector/Computer:  The projector and computer purchases approved by the Board in June have been made and we are currently waiting on delivery.  The projector was ordered on June 29th, but was not scheduled to ship until this week and should arrive sometime the week of July 23rd.  Due to the shipping schedule, the new system likely will not be installed prior to the July 28th Townhall Meeting.


Golf Course Property Mowing:  I have received several calls and emails regarding mowing operations on the former golf course property.  Mowing of that property was delayed by two consecutive break downs of the woods brush hog mower.  The mower is now working well and mowing is again underway.  Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Horse Shoe Pits:  The maintenance crew has had a very busy late spring and early summer, and because of the heavy rains, the installation of the horse shoe pits was delayed significantly past the anticipated installation date. I am happy to report that the pits are now nearly finished, with only minor items remaining (primarily the addition of sand to the pits), and that they should be available for member usage by this week’s end.

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Goodwin
LHCC General Manager

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