General Manager’s Report, March 2018


Written by Mike Goodwin

On March 28, 2018

Collections: Staff collection efforts have continued in March, with Jill filing several liens and sending out final notices for many more. You may recall from past reports that we have worked to revise our collections procedures in recent months through an audit of our processes with the goal of ensuring that those processes agree with Board-approved policies, and that those policies are followed in an efficiently, equitable to all members. This process audit included the input of Association attorney, Matt Akers, and resulted in some minor changes to our notice mailing timelines, the verbiage of the final notices, and in the documentation compiled for each lien filing during processing.

As a test of the procedures and to ensure that filings with the Court went smoothly and without problem, Jill began with a batch of 15 properties at the end of February, sending out the final notices of pending lien filings to the lot owners as required by Resolution 2009-10 Delinquent Assessment Payments and Bad Debt Write Off. Those first 15 test filings went well, resulting in two pending payment plans, one account paid- in-full, and three liens filed. The remainder of those initial filings is set to be finalized prior to the end of the month.

Jill was able to further refine and streamline the process during the handling of this first batch of 2018 and we anticipate that the process will be highly efficient going forward. Jill has already begun working on the next batch of filings with the creation of final notices and will continue to file liens against delinquent properties as appropriate under the guidance of Resolution 2009-10.

Shannon continues to work with delinquent members desiring to set up payment plans, ensuring those plans meet Board-approved criteria. Such payment plans require the signing of a Confession of Judgement and result in an actionable agreement should the arrangements be voided through non-payment by the member.

Clubhouse Projector: The projector normally hanging in the great room, is currently non-functional and will soon be in a repair shop for evaluation. Lee Reams generously provided and installed a temporary loaner in its place so that members may continue to utilize the projector while the Association’s is out for repairs. Thank you, Lee!

Association Telephone and Address: In accordance with the Board’s direction at the February 2018 meeting, staff has moved forward with changing the Association’s mailing address and phone number. The official mailing address for the Association is now 1045 Lakeview Drive, Cross Junction, VA 22625. The new phone number is 540-931-0951. This new phone number is a local exchange number.

8A Lot Swap Initiative: The offer of lot swaps by the Association to those members surrounded by common areas because of recent Common Area designations has so far resulted in two pending swaps for comparable lots, as well as the pending return of six additional lots in the common area vicinity.

Trash Facility Compactor Loop: In response to requests for budget numbers for planning purposes I have met with multiple road and concrete contractors regarding the Trash Facility compactor loop. Rather than dictate specifications based upon my limited knowledge of asphalt and concrete, I requested that each contractor specification the project based upon their knowledge of surface durability, and in consideration of our use and the logistics of loading and unloading Republic’s containers.

Two of the contractors consulted have or are currently constructing similar compactor sites for regional municipalities. Three bids were received and are included at the end of my report for the Board’s information. If/when it is decided that the area is to be hard surfaced, we can standardize the specs in an RFP and seek updated/new bids.

Redland Road Trees: Reading’s crew was out on February 27, 2018 to plant the Green Giant Arborvitaes purchased by the Association. The specimens appear healthy and well-planted. According to John of Reading, the bronze color currently showing on the plants is normal and is a result of the winter weather. He advised that we do not need to water the trees until we begin getting hot and dry weather periods, perhaps in June. Reading did an excellent job of staking and mulching the trees and added aged compost to the plantings in places where the soil appeared to be lacking organic matter.

While John was out, he was gracious enough to give me some advice on the continuing war we have been waging against bagworms on the Association’s evergreens (everywhere). John recommended the application of dormant oil at the end of March or beginning of April, followed by liquid treatment with Sevin every three to four weeks thereafter for the remainder of the season. This must be timed when no rain is forecast. John believes this should eliminate the problem within a season or two. Our Maintenance department will follow the recommended treatment schedule and hopefully we will be able to eliminate the bagworms over the course of a season or two.

Collaborative Efforts: Lake Holiday is blessed to have a great group of volunteers working hard at the Board and Committee levels. These volunteers bring much knowledge and ability to the table and donate their time to the pursuit of improvements within the community. Thank you to all who volunteer!

Staff often works alongside these volunteers in a supportive role by assisting them with information gathering, historical knowledge, obtaining vendor estimates, etc. Currently, staff is working with representatives of multiple committees including: Building and Grounds, Security, TechComm, Master Planning, and others. Current work includes information gathering related to the planned expenditure for road surface maintenance out of replacement reserve this year.

I have recently completed an audit of our phase list to determine which roads remained untreated during phase I of the current three-year planned cycle. During the audit, I found that we have approximately 137,000 square yards of surface area which remains untreated after phase I. This number includes the parking lots at the bus stop as well as the Clubhouse. There were several roads which were not listed in the original three phases and it is unknown if they were deemed not in need of treatment at that time or if they were simply left out in error.

As such, there is much more area remaining than may have been indicated after the completion of phase I in 2016. I have included the list of remaining roads and their approximate square yardage at the end of this report for information purposes. Buildings and Grounds Chair, Barbara Magill, has indicated that she and the B & G Committee would be willing to inspect these roads, and to make some recommendations regarding the prioritization of the remaining roads. Thank you, B & G, for all your assistance.

Once we have the list prioritized, I will be bringing forward recommendations for Replacement Reserve funded road maintenance work in 2018. President Traczyk was able to obtain recommendations from VDOT regarding application rates and product selection for tar & chip applications. The recommended rates require a slightly smaller amount of liquid and gravel on each pass as compared to the specifications utilized in 2016. It is believed that the use of these specifications will result in a reduction of loose gravel and tar tracking when compared to what was previously utilized. Complete recommendations should be forthcoming in April. We will be much clearer with our advanced notice and other communications to the community regarding this program than we have been in the past. Thanks for your patience.

Document Center: TechComm Committee Chair, Juan Hernandez, provided me with some excellent contacts for copy center equipment and service providers. Staff has met with two vendors suggested by Juan, and with our current vendor to begin the process of vendor selection. The Association’s current copy center contract ends in June. Staff and the vendors believe that we can modestly lower our capabilities and still have the equipment needed. We currently have more capabilities than necessary for our print needs.

Although all the information is not yet in, it appears that this reduced capacity will help us to achieve a significant savings. Preliminary numbers indicate that the Association should be able to recognize savings of between 25 and 40 percent depending upon the exact selections made and the vendor chosen. Staff anticipates bringing proposals forward in April for Board consideration.

Front Gate: Staff is working with members of TechComm and the Security Committee to address several issues/needs related to the front gate. Piggybacking has been a hot topic lately and is an ongoing problem which is being examined in an effort to improve the situation. We are also looking at the camera system to maximize its usability and to provide the best coverage possible of activities around and in the gatehouse. These examples highlight some of the current group efforts and are representative of the types of collaborative efforts occurring between volunteer groups, Board members, and staff on a routine basis. Thank you to all who volunteer, and work to make Lake Holiday a better place! Keep up the great work

Maintenance Department: The Maintenance Department continues to fight our winter weather (now occurring on this second day of spring!) but they have also already begun to focus their thoughts and efforts on the coming spring and summer seasons. To this end, they have built multiple canoe racks at the Marina, began trimming landscape plants as needed, are preparing the community garden, etc. Over the course of the next two months, the crew will spread a tractor trailer load or more of mulch in the common areas, begin grass mowing operations, place buoys on the lake, replenish sand on the beaches and volleyball courts, wash and stain the clubhouse decks, treat landscape evergreens for bagworms, improve the vehicle entrance to the dry hydrant access road at Beach II, prepare the roadway to Beach III for increased summer traffic and for access during the fireworks display, sweep the winter gravel from the streets as necessary, etc. As you can likely gather from this much abbreviated list, there is much work to do in the coming weeks. With good fortune, and the blessing of good weather, we plan to have everything shipshape by Memorial Day.

A Very Happy Spring to All!

Mike Goodwin

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