General Manager’s Report, September 2018


Written by Mike Goodwin

On September 20, 2018

Site Plan RFPs:  At the August meeting of the Board of Directors funds were approved for the creation of site plans in three common areas:  Beach I, Beach II, and the Community Hub Sports Field.  Drafts of three requests for proposals (RFPs) seeking bids for the creation of those three site plans follow the GM report in this month’s Board Books.  Thank you to the members of Master Planning who worked on the RFPs while I was on vacation.  Pending board approval, staff will send these out promptly to reputable engineering and surveying firms in the area.

2019 Security Services RFP:  The deadline for proposals for security services in 2019 is this coming Friday, September 21, 2018.  Four of the five security firms contacted have indicated that they plan to submit, but as of today, we have not received any responses.  The RFP indicated that proposals would be considered at the September 25, 2018 Board meeting.  As such, I plan to forward all responses to the Board of Directors at the close of business on Friday the 21st for consideration in advance of the meeting.

Additional Funding Requests:  The as-needed contracts budget amount for Road Repairs and Improvements (GL 6178) for the 2018 fiscal year is $20,000.  Road patches and repairs so far this year have totaled $15,120 leaving only $4,880.  I currently have bids for needed repairs to the Clubhouse parking lot which total $10,305.  These repairs are necessary and should be authorized and completed prior to the onset of cold weather.  These repairs will address the cracks throughout the lot, a deteriorated area in the driving lane near the entry to the tennis courts, and the milling and repair of the main entrance to the lot (which has severely sunk over the past few years).  In order to complete the work, we will need to exceed the budgeted amount by approximately $5,500.  The board will need to consider the authorization of this expenditure so that the additional work may be completed prior to winter.

The as-needed contracts budget amount for Computer Services (GL 6130) for the 2018 fiscal year is $8,000.  This budget amount was based upon 8 hours of maintenance service per month throughout the year.  The addition of network phones, the Clubhouse open mesh access system, a computer at the maintenance facility, the new audio-visual computer in the Clubhouse, etc. have expanded the need for routine maintenance, and has also added components that sometimes require troubleshooting.  As a result, LHCC is now requiring roughly 12 hours per month on average for maintenance and repairs.

At this point, we are already over budget with a total to date of $9,795.  This does include some pre-purchased hours that have not yet been redeemed, but based upon the average usage per month so far this year, we will still need to purchase at least 20 more hours and perhaps as many as 30 more hours to get to the end of the fiscal year.  I recommend that the Board authorize the purchase of 30 additional hours at a cost of $2,430.  This should get us through to the next budget cycle and will result in some savings due to a bulk purchase discount of 10 percent.  Regular hourly rate is $90 per hours, the discounted rate is $81.

Landscaping Trees  The Green Giant Arborvitae trees purchased at the end of February are not looking so good these days. Over the past month or so, they have gone from all green to having anywhere from 20 – 50% brown mixed in.  I have spoken with John at Reading about them on a few occasions and have made him aware of the issue.  We certainly cannot blame it on a lack of rain, as we have only had two periods in which we didn’t have appreciable rain on a weekly basis. During those two periods the maintenance team watered the trees to prevent them drying up.  At this point, they may recover, but we do not know.  John suggested that the issue might be bag worm damage, but we have found no trace of bagworms on the trees, and the maintenance team has been treating as recommended all season.  At this point, we will have to wait and see how they look towards the end of the year. I will continue to remain in contact with Reading regarding their health.

Backhoe Attachment Update:  The backhoe attachment for the Kubota M7060 was ordered through Winchester Equipment just after the August Board meeting and is expected at Winchester Equipment any day.  Once it arrives, the tractor will be picked up, taken to the Winchester Equipment facility, and the attachment will be installed and tested prior to return. Once this occurs the Maintenance crew will be able to begin work on the Bocce Ball court at the Hub.

Dam Engineer Change:  Dan Hamric, the Association’s Dam Engineer for the past 6 years or so, has notified me that he is now retired.  He has recommended that the Association contact Triad Engineering for future dam inspections and for dam-related engineering work as they have an on-staff dam engineer.

Triad conducted the LHCC dam inspections in the years just prior to Dan Hamric doing so, so his recommendation makes good sense as they already have some familiarity with the dam, and dam engineering is a bit of a specialty field to begin with.  Generally speaking, the only time LHCC utilizes a dam engineer is for the required professional inspections every two years.  The board will need to consider its comfort level in going forward with Triad for planned inspections and provide direction accordingly.  In the alternative, we can send the tasks out for bid.  The cost of the last professional inspection was $900 in 2017.  The 2018 inspection was performed and submitted by me as allowed by our non-conditional permit.  The next inspection will be due in the spring of 2019 and must be completed by a dam engineer.

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Goodwin, LHCC General Manager

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