Investing in LHCC’s Technologies


Written by Judy

On November 23, 2022

Submitted by the Master Planning Committee (MPC)

Upgrading LHCC’s Technology footprint is critical to the future our community. LHCC’s Master Planning Committee (MPC) worked with the Finance Committee and Board to fund 2022 technology improvements across three categories, including the association’s Survey, Hardware, and Software investments, as follows:

Category 1 – Survey: The Master Planning Committee (MPC) engaged an independent consultant to design, manage and analyze the 2022 LHCC Survey (conducted every 5-years). The survey was open June 22-July 8 and the final narrative document and accompanying graphics were delivered on Sept. 19. Results were sent to each LHCC committee to assist with prioritizing actions and if necessary, research and plan for potential Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) investments in 2024 and beyond.

Category 2 – Hardware: The urgent need to improve clubhouse Wi-Fi connectivity and audio in the great room is based on numerous issues broadcasting and recording Board Meetings for association members. While new acoustic tiles on the ceiling of the great room reduced reverb by 25%, audio still needs to be amplified. The following steps were taken:

  • Broadcast Streaming – an initial microphone “puck” system was assessed and deemed unsatisfactory. It was replaced with a 360-degree Meeting Owl video conference camera, resulting in an improved experience for online viewers.
  • Integrated Sound System – an LHCC-owned microphone/speaker system in the great room should improve audio amplification for in-person meeting attendees. Note: the antiquated microphone system wasreplaced because it used FCC spectrum now reserved for emergency broadcasting only. Our thanks to Compass Community Church for generously allowing the association to borrow their sound system for many essential meetings (Annual Meetings, etc.).
  • Fiber Optic Broadband – to address numerous drop-offs experienced at meetings, and numerous disruptions for office phone/internet connectivity), broadband is being installed in the clubhouse. LHCC has locked-in the COMCAST business rate for five years.

Category 3 – Software: Automation, consolidation, and documentation of processes and procedures for administrative staff has been a top priority for several years. A software consultant has analyzed back-office functions performed by the administrative staff and is recommending technology upgrades, improvements and Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) applications to better engage with association members, as follows: 

  • Website Integration and Management – an RFP was distributed Nov. 15 soliciting an external partner to manage the website and integrate member-facing applications. Future enhancements are intended to provide firewall protection and a secure, password-protected Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for the completion and submission of forms, and enable members to view financial transactions, make payments, etc. There is the potential to reinstate the membership database once the site is password-protected.
    • Back-Office/Staff-Facing – most of this year has been focused on improvement and automation of the business processes and documented workflows for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Help Desk solutions. For example, a Help Desk Process and Procedure has been implemented and been placed into use.
  • Internet/Email/Official Facebook Metrics – LHCC has reintroduced the Facebook page to provide the association updates on community activities along with important messages. The LHCC webpage has been redesigned and updated. LHCC has hired a staff member to focus on website content, track usage, and soon to develop a content management plan with the assistance of a board subcommittee. There will be an additional upgrade once the board selects a new web development contractor.
    • Member/Tenant-Facing Tools and Apps – future customer services for members through an externally-facing Self Help tool will allow association members to create a Help Ticket when they observe something that needs to be repaired or addressed within the community’s common areas and/or need to order/replace a key fob, update vehicle information for bar code stickers, etc.
    • Gate and Key Fob Access – LHCC’s consultant recently integrated cloud-based, PDK access controllers for the front and trash facility gates. The next step is to replace and integrate new key fobs that allow members to access the clubhouse.
    • Visitor Management System/Security: Replacement of CAPSURE to modernize and vastly improve front gate processes, procedures and entry times is long overdue. LHCC currently pays a substantial maintenance fee for un-supported and outdated application.

What You Need to Know – Future Enhancements Will Require You to Take Action Soon:

We understand that technology improvements bring change that can be frustrating because you have to do things that are new and unfamiliar. The goal is to lessen the impact to association members; however, certain upgrades will require that you step out of your comfort zone to realize the benefits of implementation of modern and more secure tools and applications.

  • New Key Fobs – the LHCC office will notify you when you need to exchange an existing key fob. Recently issued key fobs already use the updated access technology. BENEFIT: Reduce long delays in issuing FOBs.
  • Web Login-In for Secure, Member-Facing Access – members will be notified when to set-up a username and password to access forms, association-related financial tools, and more sensitive association information (those that include full member names, etc.). BENEFIT: Gain greater access to your own LHCC membership-related data, check status of and make payments, etc.
  • Visitor Management System (VMS) Replacement – replacing CAPSURE VMS tool, will bring many improved services, but also require the biggest adoption and learning curve. BENEFIT: Improve member guest and contractor access with app-based pre-approval, with the goal of expediting visitor engagement to reduce backups at the front gate.

Training documentation, step-by-step guidelines and support will be provided by either the consultant or software provider prior to the deployment of any new tool. All official LHCC channels of communication will be used to notify you prior to, during and after any planned technology upgrades.

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