July 2022 President’s Report


Written by Judy

On August 1, 2022

By Pat Majewski

July 26, 2022

A wonderful time was had by all who participated in the Fourth of July celebration! The weather cooperated to provide Lake Holiday with another fantastic fireworks display.  The boat parade was great fun.  See pictures and winners in the newsletter and on our website.

Our maintenance crew deserves kudos for setting up and managing the traffic pattern on July 3rd.  Everything went smoothly.

The front gate has been experiencing intermittent loss of internet on certain days. There were times when passes could not be printed.  That problem should now be fixed.  Due to the internet issues, data collection of visits to the front gate was limited over the holiday weekend.

Even with that fact, Lake Holiday residents registered 869 cars with guests from Saturday through Monday during the July 4th weekend.  Saturday’s total was 391, Sunday’s total was 186 (low count due to internet outage) and Monday’s total was 292.  There were 2-3 security officers at the front gate during that weekend.  These numbers indicate how hard the gate officers worked during this time.

Walking patrol counted barcode versus non-barcode vehicles in the clubhouse parking lot on Sunday at noon.  51 cars had no barcode and 28 had a barcode.

Thank you to each of the 574 unique households that participated in the 2022 LHCC Resident Survey, our first comprehensive survey of the community since 2017.  Our 3rd-party survey company is currently performing an analysis to present the overall results and sorting open text comments by major themes and topics. This information will be presented to the Board at the August meeting.

The Master Planning Committee will use the information gleaned from the survey to identify areas within our community to address, such as adding new features to the community, and to ensure that the Board of Directors, Committees and LHCC management team have our finger on the pulse of the needs of all residents and owners.

The marina working group has talked with several marine contractors and engineers. Multiple contractors have visited Lake Holiday and expressed interest in fixing our problem.  All feel the fix will involve an engineered anchoring solution.  They all are concerned about our fractured shale lake bed and where bedrock may begin.  We are awaiting a proposal from Triad Engineering for obtaining a geotechnical analysis of our soil conditions as a next step in this process.  We are also awaiting proposals and estimates from several engineers and contractors.

Boat slip refunds for the entire season for those on Dock A and B will be going back to the members beginning the week of July 18th.

Thanks to all the members who have taken the time to send in comments and ideas to the Board on its email address communityinput@lakeholidaycc.org.  One of the directors is in charge of responding to these, getting answers, if available, and directing them to the appropriate committees for those ideas that can be looked into.

Please consider joining a committee to make sure your ideas are heard!  Information about committees and when they meet is located on the Lake Holiday website.

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