Lake Committee Review and Updates, February 2019


Written by Anthony Morelli

On February 22, 2019

The Lake Committee wishes all Lake Holiday Country Club residents a Happy and Prosperous New Year!  We had a busy and productive year during 2018 and we thank both the community and the Board of Directors for their support.

16 requests for action were brought forward to the Board of Directors during 2018 to help protect and enhance the lake and its fishery with the following 12 requests gaining Board approval:

  • Contract award to Princeton Hydro for continued lake and tributary sampling;
  • Stocking of smallmouth bass;
  • Placement of artificial habitat to help protect smallmouth bass fry;
  • Revisions to LHCC’s Fishing Regulations to include new creel limits and installation of signage at the marina and dam;
  • Updates to various PRP 3 sections to accommodate current lake-related activities;
  • Funding of additional E-Coli sampling stations within the lake and tributaries;
  • Approval of a Marina Slip Reuse Policy for expanded slip access;
  • Updates and improvements to LHCC’s Lake Management Plan;
  • Installation of additional boat hitching posts and stairs at Beach I (joint effort by the Lake & BG Committees);
  • Implementation of a revised stocking proposal to include Walleyes;
  • Revision of Board Resolution 2013-02, Recreational Water Testing to reflect current E-Coli sampling protocols;
  • Best Management Practice Analysis RFP and Contract Award (tributary protections to minimize or eliminate sediment and phosphorus impacts).

OUR 2019 GOALS:  The Lake Committee has identified the following goals for the coming year:

  • Continued lake and tributary sampling to protect, preserve and enhance Lake Holiday;
  • Implementation of The Best Management Practice Contract (tributary protections to minimize or eliminate sediment and phosphorus impacts);
  • March Town Hall Presentation by Fender’s Fish Hatchery and Princeton Hydro;
  • Lake and Community Clean-up Day sponsored by the Lake and Buildings & Grounds Committees. (This event is currently scheduled for April 27 and all LHCC members are encouraged to participate!);
  • Additional fish stocking, pending Board approval and VDGIF guidance;
  • Enhanced and more defined working relationship with our Lake Patrol service provider;
  • Continue development of a working relationship with the County and State regarding Best Management Practices for the watershed supplying Lake Holiday;
  • Identify and develop control measures for shoreline areas experiencing significant erosion.

By: Lake Committee

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