Love Thy Neighbor


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On February 17, 2023

February is the month of love, which includes loving your neighbor! A great way to show your love is by not running your neighbor over. Protect your neighbors by staying within the posted speed limit, and in doing so, avoid receiving a citation.

We know nobody likes citations. However, the safety of the community is of the utmost importance. Speeding endangers the entire community, the wildlife living in the community, and the driver. Higher speeds make correcting a driving error much more difficult. 

The assessment for speeding is $40 for each offense if prepaid prior to the mailing of additional correspondence. HOWEVER, you need to contact the number on your notice as soon as you receive it. 

Per the Virginia POA Act, we are required to send you a certified letter two weeks before the compliance meeting to inform you of your rights in case of a dispute. Once that certified letter is sent, the speeding assessment may be increased to $50.

While we’re on the subject of loving thy neighbor, it’s a good idea (and the law) to stop at the stop signs in Lake Holiday. Not only will you avoid causing an accident (not a great way to say hi to your neighbor), but you’ll also avoid getting a citation.

The assessment for not stopping at a stop sign is $50 for each offense.

To avoid a speeding citation or a stop sign citation, follow these two rules:

Rule One – the speed limit is 25 mph in Lake Holiday.

Rule Two – STOP at stop signs. This means a full complete stop.

Drive safely out there, neighbors!

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