Master Planning Committee Update, February 2018


Written by Judy

On February 21, 2018

Members Present: Chair S. Simko, T. Demery, Carlos Fiol (membership ending), P. McClurken, E. Noble, A. Perka, P. Perka, R. Traczyk

Members Absent: C. Cardinale, P. Majewski, J. Martel, R. Middleton, A. Morelli

Open Forum: Discussion was introduced by Alex Perka about a possible request to install a private jetty next to Beach II to retard sand migration from Beach II. Matter referred to Architectural Committee.

Quorum established; Previous Minutes: 12.6.2017 meeting minutes approved

New Business:

1. Carlos Fiol wishes to join 2018 Master Planning Committee.

2. Cyndi White – Resigned from committee

3. July 4, 2018 MPC meeting changed to July 9, 2018. Scott to notify office

4. PRP 12 – Unanimous vote for MPC to vote on the membership status of absent members missing three consecutive meetings.

5. Charter amendment – Unanimous vote to remove from Charter the requirement that the MPC Chair be a Board Member

6. Review of Tab 9 from Board December Board Book – Planning, Budgeting Framework proposed revisions. Chair requested feedback to the December Board Tab 9 submission. He received one comment and asked all the committee liaisons to poll their respective committee’s ASAP for additional comments. Once received, Chair will incorporate and consolidate comments into a final revised document in time for the Board’s January 2018 meeting.

7. Budget Request Draft Document – Changes to the version contained in Tab 9 were discussed and unanimously approved. Modifications include:
• Add community activities and amenities to the capital improvement category
• Clarify the priority designation to provide better context
• Chair will address those suggested changes in final version
• Reinforce that MPC is not part of the actual budget creation

8. Trash Facility Project Page for Master Plan – Approved unanimously as submitted

9. Capital Improvement Fund Process – Pam and Alex Perka agreed to shepherd the review process of the Master Plan with a specific emphasis directed towards looking for weakness’s and cost estimates needing revision. Tom Demery offered to assist them.

10. Replacement Reserve Component to Master Plan – After a lengthy discussion, it was determined that it is likely redundant for MPC to involve itself in the Replacement Reserve discussion as Finance Committee would be doing a thorough scrub of the RR. Issue tabled.

11. 8A Land swap. Committee unanimously approved 8A Lot Swap Recommendation: “MPC recommends that the Board approve going forward with the lot swap program as defined and to authorize the President to proceed and utilize whatever help is necessary”. Tom Demery agreed to edit the letter to affected 8A lot owners and send his revisions to Ed Noble.

12. Eastern 8A Lot Sale Discussion. Committee unanimously approved Eastern 8A Lot Sale Recommendation: “MPC recommends the Board authorize the President to contact and work with builders, including OakCrest, to see if they are interested in developing portions of 8A. President is authorized to discuss a parcel configuration that doesn’t exceed 80 lots in number and then report to the Board.”

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