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On May 31, 2023

May 23, 2023

The office staff, maintenance crew, various board directors, and other volunteers have been working hard to get everything ready for Memorial Day weekend and the beginning of the busy summer season at Lake Holiday. New personnel with our security service are being trained to begin lake patrol and walking/beach patrol.

Owners are registering on the website and then signing up to receive their Dashboard Parking Placards.

Each owner can receive up to two placards which will permit parking at the clubhouse on weekends and holidays from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day. All the new parking rules have now been included in the Policies, Rules, and Procedures (PRPs) and will be posted for everyone to review before Memorial Day weekend.

In addition to the parking placards, there are several other new important parking rules. A new parking area has been created off Lakeview by the clubhouse for vehicles with attached boat trailers only at all times. There will be signs posted. Those who park there will still require parking placards on weekends and holidays.  The right side (lakeside) of marina drive will be for vehicles with attached boat trailers only at all times and the left side will be for vehicles only. There will be signs posted here also and placards will be required on weekends and holidays during the summer season. Beach II parking also requires a parking placard.

There have been some policy and rule changes for entering the gate that everyone should be aware of. Everyone, including owners and tenants, coming through the left lane will receive a Daily Pass with that day’s date on it.  This helps the office keep better track of ownership, visitor and contractor status.  There are no permanent passes.  The owner can enter up to 5 visitors/contractors into the visitor management system.  They are “permanently authorized visitors” but they still receive a Daily Pass each time they come to Lake Holiday. Everyone must show a driver’s license and be authorized by the owner to enter. Expect your visitor or contractor to be turned away if they are unable to follow these requirements. Authorizing your visitors online is the fastest way.  Since the security officer is busy with vehicles, a phone authorization may take a while to be recorded, so we are encouraging online authorizations.

Some beach rules to remember!! No alcohol, no glass, no fishing from the beach, no pets. An owner should be with their visitor(s) at all times and is responsible for their visitor while in Lake Holiday.

The lake has a new buoy located off the narrowest width of the lake. Docks and boats have been damaged by boats and their wakes coming too close to the shoreline.  A new buoy was added last year near lake side homes by the dam for the same problem. I am introducing a tab at this board meeting to discuss wakesurfing with the recommendation that we prohibit wakesurfing on Lake Holiday. The wakes caused by this sport are at least double the wakes caused by waterskiing and can lead to damage to personal property and shoreline erosion. Our lake is not large enough or wide enough for this sport. The Board sent this to the Lake Committee to review the latest research on wakesurfing wakes and to research wakesurfing boats and educate the Board in July.

Two forest and wildlife management contractors have visited Lake Holiday in the last month.  They were given a tour of all our undeveloped common areas. We hope to be receiving proposals for a plan for managing and sustaining those areas for future generations.

All the myriad details of installing a new sound system and speakers at the clubhouse are finally completed.  This work began last year.  The computer equipment, which also runs the projector, is now secured in a locked cabinet in the storage room next to the kitchen.  There are written instructions in the cabinet to help people operate the system. The board decided that everyone who is an owner can use the system as long as a liability waiver is signed to cover damage.

We have had some issues with clubs not cleaning up after they serve food and drink at the clubhouse.  A few weekends ago large stains were left on the carpet and the oven contained a burnt mess. The kitchen floor was slimy. An event was booked for the next day and their expectation should be a clean facility.  There was no cleaning crew to come on the weekend. There is a book in the kitchen with a checklist of what should be left clean after all clubs and events use the clubhouse.  This is to be filled out, signed and given to the office (or slipped under the office door) after a club is finished that day. There are cleaning supplies available in the kitchen closet and storage room.  If we are unable to clean up in consideration of others, then further steps will need to be taken.

Phase 2 of the clubhouse refresh is beginning.  The Board approved installing new kitchen appliances.  A group from Buildings & Grounds is looking into products and estimates for new countertops, drawers for the island in the middle and a new sink.  New countertops and sinks are also being considered for the bathrooms.

Activities Committee put on a great Memorial Day celebration at the clubhouse this year with a band. The snack shop will be open for business for the summer beginning that weekend, so check them out!

Pat Majewski

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