May 2022 General Manager’s Report


Written by Judy

On May 31, 2022

May 2022
General Manager’s Report

Tar & Chip Proposals

Responses to the 2022 Tar & Chip Request for Proposals (RFP) were due on May 6, 2022. Of the six firms who received the RFP, three firms responded with proposals. Proposals were received from Carroll Construction, Tibbs Paving, and Dominion Paving and are included at the end of this report. Carroll Construction came in with the best priced estimate, far below the other respondents. This corresponds with the historical responses from previous RFPs distributed for tar and chip applications here at Lake Holiday, with Carroll having been the winning bidder, and having performed all rounds of tar and chip undertaken thus far. Carroll came in with an estimated price of $177,794.90 while the other respondents were each well over $300,000.00 for the same square yardage.
With current pricing and Carroll’s past performance as the primary considerations, I recommend that the Board approve of contracting with Carroll Construction for this year’s round of tar and chip applications. The total bid does not include any patching which may be necessary just prior to the application. I recommend that the Board allow for this expense by approving a not to exceed amount of $200,000.00 to come out of Replacement Reserve.

Marina Update

The Marina paths to piers B and C have been poured with concrete, and the adjacent retaining wall has been constructed. There remains some backfilling of dirt to be done, mulching, etc. in that area, but the bulk of the work has now been completed and has turned out quite well, with much positive feedback being received from the membership. The rope and post railing running along the pathway should be completed in the next few weeks. I recommend that the association create a landscaping plan for the enhancement of the area and consider approving funds to allow landscaping this fall.

Marina Security Camera Upgrades

The security camera upgrades approved by the Board in April are scheduled for installation in the next week or so (as soon as all necessary parts arrive). The new mounting post and the cable conduit have been installed in advance and should result in a smooth installation once the equipment is available. These additions will significantly improve LHCC’s camera coverage in that area.

Clubhouse Exterior Bathrooms

In preparation for the upcoming recreational season, we have replaced the deteriorating counter tops, faucets, and mirrors in the lower-level exterior bathrooms. The old tops were in poor shape and the faucets were showing corrosion due to the wet environment. The mirrors’ film surface had begun to deteriorate and peel, resulting in an unclean/unkept appearance. The newly installed tops have added some much-needed color to the bathrooms. We will plan to repaint these areas in the off-season this fall or early next year to further enhance appearances.

Beach II

The beach II land works are now about complete, and a good stand of grass is being established. Our maintenance crew is reinstalling the canoe racks in their new locations, and the pavement markings have been completed. There was an issue with the grading surrounding the handicapped parking spot and the width of the spot itself was not to specifications. Pine Knoll is currently working to correct these issues, after which the parking space can be completed and marked as required. Once that work has been finished, the boardwalk/ramp from the parking spot to the beach will be constructed and the pier can be relocated to its new position.

Speed Cameras

The recently purchased new radar speed camera has arrived and has been put into service. In addition, the original unit has now been put back into service after being sent out to the manufacturer for warranty repairs. Our crew has located both cameras in accordance with the location schedule received from BG&S Committee representatives and will move them monthly as indicated.

Submitted May 17, 2022, by:
Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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