More Spring Flora & Fauna at Lake Holiday


Written by Judy

On April 21, 2018

American Goldfinch – Breeding, male American Goldfinches have bright yellow feathers with black & white markings in the spring. Lee Miller of Fairway Circle sees the goldfinches at his backyard feeder for a few weeks each spring. Some goldfinches migrate in the spring, before nesting in June or July.


Mayapple – 
Groupings of Mayapples can be seen along Lakeview Drive in moist areas. The plant breaks
ground in early spring looking like a closed umbrella. For years, a plant can have a single leaf. When the plant has a second leaf, it will at last, have one white flower at the junction of the two leaves.





Hummingbird Clearwing Moth – At first glance you might think the Hummingbird Clearwing Moth is an actual hummingbird. This moth (Hemaris thysbe) has transparent wings that move very fast, like a hummingbird’s wings. It likes to feed on the nectar of flowers, preferring phlox—pictured above, right column, on Wild Blue Phlox.

In other news…

Trail Maintenance
Buildings and Grounds committee members work to maintain the community trails. Over the winter large trees fell across several trails. Appreciate their work!

~by Buildings & Grounds Committee

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