November 2022 General Manager’s Report


Written by Judy

On December 1, 2022

Trash Facility Improvements Update

The planned improvements to the trash facility are well underway and remain on schedule for completion by month’s end despite the recent rainy weather and the unseasonably cold weather forecast later this week. The open top dumpster pad and the compactor container access pad are being poured today, November 16th, with the drive loop scheduled for pouring this Friday. Once all concrete has been poured, the facility will remain closed until the end of November as originally scheduled to allow the concrete to adequately cure before vehicular use. 

Radar Speed Cameras

The Sheriff’s Department continues to investigate the theft of two LHCC owned radar speed cameras which occurred sometime around Halloween. One of the two cameras was recovered from the lake but was a total loss, being deemed unsalvageable by the manufacturer.  The replacement cost of the stolen parts totals $12,257.39 A claim has been initiated with the association’s insurer. Staff has received many suggestions from concerned members as to how to better secure replacements, including the addition of GPS trackers, suggestions for additional cameras covering the units, etc. but the reality is that such options do not guarantee the prevention of a reoccurrence. GPS locators may help in some circumstances, but if they indicate that a stolen camera is in the lake (as they would have with at least one of the cameras this time), they also will be of little value.  A higher mounting location may prove beneficial in deterring theft. There are options available from the same manufacturer for speed camera units which are configured to mount higher (up to 14’ above the roadway), and there are likely a wide range of custom options which could be explored for the secure mounting of such units. In addition, there may well be better options available through other manufacturers. With many options available and much to consider, I recommend the Board form a working group to investigate the various options, and to formulate a plan of action prior to purchasing any replacement equipment. 

Comcast Fiber Optics Service Upgrade

Comcast has completed installation of fiber optics internet service to the Clubhouse.  Shenandoah Technology Services is making some minor configuration adjustments to optimize network speeds and to provide an optimized wi-fi network for member use.

Leaf Vacuum Repair Update

Shade Equipment Co has finally been able to secure suitable replacement motor for the association’s leaf vacuum after many months of difficulties due to manufacturer back orders and supply chain issues.  The unit is currently in Shade’s shop for motor installation and servicing and is expected to be back in service in the next few weeks.   

Planned Road Work

I have made arrangements for the striping of several crosswalks, speedhumps, and stop lines throughout the community, as well as for the marking of the handicapped parking area at the marina.  Weather and temperature permitting, we are planning to have all of this completed prior to year’s end.  The current cold weather is not conducive to striping as a surface temperature of 45 degrees plus is desired for the application of the low VOC oil-based paint being utilized.  During sunny weather, outdoor temperatures of 35 degrees plus will generally result in surface temps of 45 plus and allow proper application (with a limited window for work each day).  I remain hopeful that we will have appropriate weather in December to allow this work to be completed but that may or may not be the case. The work has been prioritized based on safety considerations so that the speedhumps (where tar and chip application tracking has obscured the markings) along with the crosswalks at the Dog Park and on Colonial Drive are being given top priority followed by the various stop lines and the marina markings.  Crack filing in the Clubhouse and School Bus parking lots is also to be completed but this work is not as temperature sensitive due to the high temp of the fill when applied. If weather conditions do not allow everything planned to be completed this year, the remainder would be completed in the spring once weather conditions are appropriate.

Maintenance Department

The maintenance department crew continues to systematically clean drainage areas throughout the community.  The difficulties in obtaining a replacement motor for the association’s leaf vacuum last year resulted in a heavy and partially decomposed accumulation of leaves in many of the community ditches.  The crew has been working to remove this compacted accumulation and has been cleaning culverts along the way while they continue to wait for the return to service of the leaf vacuum.  The leaf vacuum would not have been able to adequately remove this older compressed leaf accumulation so mechanical removal was necessary in many locations. Once the leaf vacuum is back in service, the crew will be removing the freshly fallen leaves as scheduling and weather allows.

The crew has serviced/prepared the truck mounted salt/cinder spreaders for use during the upcoming winter season.  The crew has a good stock of cinders on hand for road traction improvement applications and are awaiting delivery of an eight-pallet shipment of pet-friendly pelletized Magnesium Chloride ice-melt for ice treatment.  We have a limited amount currently but expect this delivery in the coming week.

Playground Update

The new playground equipment for the Clubhouse playground and for the new playground at Country Club Park has begun to arrive with a second shipment being delivered today.  Tentative schedule projections indicate that the remainder of the equipment should arrive by month’s end with installation most likely occurring in early December. 

Submitted November 16, 2022, by:    Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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