Pay by ACH


Written by Judy

On September 1, 2022

Pay Your Dues by ACH

Do you want to make life easier? Consider making your HOA payments by ACH. Using ACH as a way to make your HOA payments offers great benefits.

  1. It’s simple and stress-free.

Paying via ACH saves you time and money by eliminating the need for checks, the time and cost to mail them out, and the need to cross your fingers, hoping the payment gets delivered in time.

  1. They are automatic.

You no longer need to worry about paying on time, and you’ll avoid late fees. The payment will get debited from your bank account automatically when your HOA payment is due. You don’t have to remember due dates or take the time out to make a payment. It’s all done for you automatically after the initial ACH setup.

To sign up for ACH to automatically pay your fees, fill out the Banking Automatic Draft Request form and return it to the office or place into the drop box near the front gate (include a voided check):

Lake Holiday Forms (scroll down to the Banking Automatic Draft Request form)

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