President’s Report, April 2018


Written by Richard Traczyk

On April 25, 2018

Save the date! Saturday, May 19th, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. Come to a Town Hall meeting concerning the lake. There will be a presentation by our Lake Committee and Princeton Hydro with information about the lake quality, current state, and future concerns. Potential lake treatments can be very expensive and affect your assessments, so plan to attend and hear all the facts.

If you are unable to attend Saturday morning, the Lake Committee has moved their monthly meeting to Friday, May 18th at 7:00 p.m. in the Clubhouse, where they will also deliver the presentation.

Buck Kerns celebrated his 40th year anniversary working with the Lake Holiday Maintenance Department! His first day was April 17th, 1978. Because of this milestone, the Board honored Buck at an appreciation luncheon last week. A service record of that length is remarkable. Congratulations and thank you, Buck, for your dedication and long service.

Work continues on the 8A lot swaps in an effort to increase the common area of the community. Owners of five eligible non-utility lots have made the switch. In addition, ten other lot owners simply have returned lots back to Lake Holiday, thereby eliminating their financial liability; an option that has been acceptable in the past. Sales of non-utility lots in other areas have been brisk over the winter. Dan Ryan Builders has not expressed interest in further development once they have built on their few remaining lots. No other major contractor has made a commitment to purchase additional lots for development.

Warm weather will soon be here and boaters will be afloat. Please remember the rules of the lake. Beginning Memorial Day, the beach patrol and foot patrol will be on the lookout for poor behavior and safety infractions. Please be careful, respectful of others, and enjoy the lake and our many amenities.

Election of new board members is just around the corner. The Nominating Committee has been formed, headed by Lou Cesa as Chairman. Mike Ressler, Tom Demery, Tom Wallace, Mike Bradshaw and Michele Bradshaw are the other committee members. There will be four open positions as the terms of Heather Johnson, Jarett Tomalesky, Richard Traczyk, and James Coates will expire. Written information will be sent by mail this summer with the procedures and rules of the election.

Aqua Virginia update: The letter and online petition campaign concerning a rate increase is closed and the good news is that Aqua has rescinded its request for a rate increase. The first SCC meeting on the petition was April 24th in Richmond, Virginia. The County Attorney Rod Williams, Lisa Cox, and Director Scott Simko attended on behalf of Lake Holiday. Mr. Simko presented 90 pages of testimony and we thank him for his unprecedented efforts. There are still a few issues to resolve, but there will be no increase this year in our water rate!

Speeding vehicles have become of major concern in our community. Numerous complaints about safety and reckless driving have been received by our office, the Sheriff’s office, and to me. Our General Manager, Mike Goodwin, has been authorized to purchase a radar gun and will be working with Haines Security to enforce speed limits. Focus will be on Masters, Colonial, and South Lakeview where most of the complaints originated. Staff and the Safety Committee have also begun working with local law enforcement to begin routine patrols at the bus stop as well as other locations in our community. The Board sincerely hopes these measures will increase safety awareness for all drivers.

Our financial condition, unlike years passed, has improved substantially. Efforts to improve return on investments, review and update our contracts, and eliminate or improve our operating costs are beginning to take hold. Our total administrative expenses were 6 percent under budget. Personnel expenses were 27 percent under budget due to adjustments in the office operation. Total operating expenses were $110,803 which is 15 percent under budget, indicating an excellent job managing overall expenses. Treasurer Jarret Tomalesky is working to improve the yield on CDARs (CD) that are maturing, which will add to our yearly income.

As promised, I plan on having Town Hall meetings on a regular basis in order to keep the community informed. We have had a presentation about Aqua’s potential rate increase, a general board question-and-answer meeting, and next month there will be an informational meeting given by the Lake Committee.

Several other active LH committees have expressed interest in giving presentations as well. Firewise is a program the Safety Committee is currently working on with the Virginia Forestry Department. They want to share ideas in an effort to protect our community against a fire disaster. They are also working on driving and speed control options. Master Planning, Finance, Building and Grounds, and Tech Committees all have a story to tell. There will be plenty of opportunities for our community to become informed and updated, and perhaps become more involved through committee membership. This is an exciting time for Lake Holiday and a great place to live!

~Richard Traczyk

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