President’s Report, August 2018


Written by Richard Traczyk

On August 31, 2018

Ed Noble, Architectural Committee chairman, has updated all the Architectural Review forms. The most significant change is that the application requests will be on-line, allowing more flexibility for the community to apply for a permit. Though you will still have to print the forms to submit them, you will now have the convenience of filling out the forms online.

The gatehouse area has had landscaping upgrades. Several members of the community have volunteered to keep the area weeded, when necessary, in order to keep the entrance attractive.

New audio/visual equipment has been installed in the Clubhouse great room. A few more modifications need to be made which will enable the system to be used by the community. Early feedback is that it is a remarkable improvement of the old system with brighter displays, easier set-up, and much more reliable.

The Finance Committee has completed its work finalizing the 2019 budget. Due to the incredible effort by our Board and Staff, we anticipate a reduction in our assessments. Finances are now well under control, monitored more vigorously, and significantly more transparency for the community.

The Lake Committee has done an outstanding job keeping the community informed about lake conditions. Severe storms this summer created more frequent occurrences of contaminant advisories in the beach areas. All current reports indicate the currently samples are well within the state standards. Sampling of Yeiders and Issac’s Creeks indicate the problem is mainly due to farming and livestock runoff. The Lake Committee will continue to investigate sources of contamination for potential mitigation activities. The lake is safe for recreational activities at the time of this publication. Notifications will be sent out if there are any changes in test results.

The temporary summer maintenance department help that mowed and trimmed did well this year. Their temporary employment ended August 31st. The same job opportunity will be offered again next year to high school grads looking for short-term, seasonal employment.

Mark your calendars for the Annual Community Membership Meeting on October 27, 2018. The community will have the opportunity to elect five new directors to the board. Doors will open at 8:30 a.m. for registration and voting. Voting will end at 10:30 a.m. The annual membership meeting will start at 9:30 a.m.

Anyone interested in running for the Board has until September 12th, 2018 to submit an application. Details of procedures and requirements are available in the office or from the Nominating Committee. The Candidates Forum, an opportunity to meet and ask questions of the prospective candidates, will be scheduled soon. Keep an eye on the Lake Holiday Events Calendar for updates.

The tar-and-chip resurfacing of the roadways is completed for this year. The new formulation seems to have worked well with smaller chips which seemed to have accelerated the embedding process. An additional benefit was reduced cost with the new composition as well. Next summer additional roads are scheduled for treatment and we will keep the community informed as to the locations and timing.

Highlights from the August Board meeting:  After a lengthy discussion at the Board meeting about inclusive items in the new security RFP, the Board approved the document written by the Safety Committee and General Manager. The request for bids will go out to several Security Companies right away.

The Board listened to the Safety Committee’s concerns regarding speed control. Open forum speakers also expressed concerns. A number of options were again reviewed; speed bumps, rumble strips, flashing signs that record license plates (photo-enforcement), and increased speed enforcement activity by Haines are under ongoing consideration. The Security Committee will recommend potential locations and cost estimates. In addition to the enhanced enforcement by the Frederick County Sheriff’s Department, which some in the community have experienced firsthand, the Board of Directors also authorized the directive that Haines Security begin immediately issuing citations for speeding and stop sign violations. Drivers need to respect stop signs and slow down, being mindful of their speed.

The 2018 Capital Improvement plan was approved utilizing undesignated funds. Projects for 2018 included:

  • Community Hub area—Disk Golf, walking trails, dog park, multi-use sports field.
  • Beach I – Retaining wall design work to minimize beach erosion and yearly costly repairs.
  • Beach II – Beach site plan, picnic area, parking, camping, pavilion, bathrooms.
  • Beach III – Road repair to the beach and possible sand for next season.
  • Boat and RV storage- Additional slips, expansion of storage area.
  • Other approved items — Stocking the lake with fish, fish habitats, and guard rails.

Much of the work will require a site plan before actual work can begin and County rules and regulations must be followed. A comprehensive design will precede the major projects. Master Planning will begin working on the details of each project so RFPs may be undertaken.

The Board voted to remove the requirement for flares as one of the equipment items for boat registration effective immediately.

The Board has decided not to install any kind of property protection devices (such as large rocks or guard rails) in front of private homes. Respectfully, individual homeowners are responsible for their personal property protection.

Click here for a copy of the full September 2018 Newsletter compilation:  09-2018 LHCC Newsletter

Richard Traczyk
President, LHCC

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