President’s Report, February 2021


Written by Richard Traczyk

On February 21, 2021

Winter ice and snowstorms have played havoc at Lake Holiday, with a myriad of outcomes. The last two were analyzed by LH armchair community members with phone calls, emails, and Facebook posts with the most criticism offered by the 4am departure members.

Misinformation and assumptions abound in the community concerning snow removal. Members should familiarize themselves with the report by GM Goodwin repeated in the last two monthly newsletters! The five-man Maintenance team uses three pickup trucks and two larger trucks to plow the eighteen miles of roadways. They spread calcium chloride and crushed rock to fight the ice.

Mike and I have had several discussions about the washout/hole on the walking trail on the golf course. We need to mitigate the danger of someone falling into the hole. To replace the culverts and fill it in will require extensive and costly engineering work. Safety fencing and signage are also being looked at. When the weather breaks, improving the conditions in that area needs to be addressed quickly.

Staff has been dealing with Clubhouse rental agreements. Following the Governor’s recommendation of allowing only ten people at a social gathering is being challenged by wedding parties claiming a wedding is a religious gathering, thereby exempt from the restrictions. The Clubhouse is not a church and thereby not exempt from the Governor’s mandate.

The equipment from the Fitness Center has been moved to the library in preparation to upgrade the ventilation system, replace the flooring and repaint the room. No date has been set for reopening.

The parties interested in operating the Snack Shake venue are down to two as one vendor has withdrawn. Will report results of interview at the Board meeting.

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