Presidents Report June 2022


Written by Judy

On July 12, 2022

President’s Report
June 28, 2022

The Board will keep you updated on the status of the marina by sending out weekly email blasts.There will be a special board meeting on July 6 to make some plans and decisions.

If you have recommended solutions to many of the issues at Lake Holiday, please send your ideas to the Board at a special email address we set up:

It has been a hectic month. Many cost estimates have been received for various projects requested by Buildings, Grounds, and Safety Committee, Master Planning and the Clubhouse Refresh Task Group. At the June Board meeting they were all approved. Two, that I think will be of benefit to many in the community. are redoing the asphalt driveways to three of the oldest mail stations and creating concrete pads and driveway to the trash compactor facility. This will improve that area tremendously and make it easier to run a hose under the compactor and clean up the trash that accumulates around it.

The clubhouse interior will get a significant face lift including paint, new and improved acoustic panels on the ceiling and walls in the great room, and new carpeting and other floor coverings. Other projects within the Capital Improvement Plan are being expedited such as completing the walking trails and the Beach II pavilion. The work on these may not be completed this year.

The comprehensive survey for Lake Holiday has been online for a couple of weeks. Please take the time to fill this out and return it. This survey helps Master Planning determine what needs work, what people enjoy and what improvements are needed in all aspects of our community. The deadline is July 8th.

Allied has made significant improvement in their service to the community in the last week. There were many people not authorized by owners or tenants as guests being waved into the community. There is a new supervisor at the gate. She is committed to following the rules of our community and making sure all those she supervises do so also. Another new patrol officer has also started. Both of them are more mature and have more experience than the original security guards assigned to Lake Holiday. We are cautiously optimistic.

There were three weekends of feces being smeared inside the outside bathrooms. No one wants to clean up those kinds of messes! We sent out a warning last week, if this behavior continues we may have to consider closing the bathrooms for the rest of the summer. If anyone finds a mess in the bathrooms, please let the Purple Cow or the Office know. There are security cameras outside but privacy issues prevent us from having cameras within the bathrooms or an attendant inside.

On June 23, there was a special board meeting with a Lake Committee presentation. It is called “A Plan for Protecting Lake Holiday’s Health” given by Jim Pagenkopf who has expertise in the areas he speaks about. We continue to get more educated about what is required to minimize sediment and phosphorus in our lake; those items lead ultimately to unhealthy algae blooms. The presentation will be placed on the website.

The biggest weekend of the year, Fourth of July, is coming up shortly. Please pay attention to the temporary traffic patterns. There will be parking only on one side of the road. There will be a sheriff’s deputy here to help with traffic control. Parking will be difficult to find, so please carpool, walk, or park at Country Club Park and use the walking trails. I hope everybody has a happy July 4th.

Pat Majewski
Board President

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