Security & Safety Tip – Safe Medication Disposal


Written by Anthony Morelli

On March 21, 2018


The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office is making 400 medication disposal pouches available to the public in an effort to prevent the abuse of prescription medication. Sheriff Lenny Millholland describes the pouches as easy to use and “safe, efficient and very convenient.” They work for pills, liquids and patches.

The pouch contains active carbon. After water is added, unneeded medicine is broken down, binding to the medication’s active ingredients. Once this is done, the pouch is sealed and can be safely placed in household garbage.

National surveys indicate that sixty percent of adults prescribed opioids retain leftover medication for future use, which Millholland notes is a dangerous practice. Children and grandchildren, or others family members who were not prescribed these powerful drugs can access these “leftovers.”

The current national emergency of opioid abuse is due in large part to physicians who exceed the federally-recommended three-day dosage limit. Nearly 25 percent of doctors give month-long prescriptions despite the fact that research has shown that a month of narcotic painkillers can cause permanent brain damage. Recent reports indicate that commonly prescribed painkillers such as OxyContin, Percocet, and Vicodin now account for more drug overdose deaths than heroin and cocaine combined.

In addition to the pouches, the Sheriff’s Office at 1080 Coverstone Drive has a secure drop-off box for unused medicine. Eliminating unused medication is an important component in the national fight against drug abuse — do your part! To obtain a disposable pouch, call (540) 662-6168.


We continue to aggressive combat vandalism in the community, even though it is down significantly over prior years due to upgrades in our security systems. These few individuals have inconvenienced many while facilities are shut down, and a lot of unpleasant time has been wasted by Maintenance cleaning up after these criminals.

The Board of Directors takes these actions seriously. We have authorized placement of new, higher resolution cameras as well as the re-creation of a Security Committee. The committee will focus on a much broader range of issues including: illegal use of ATVs on Lake Holiday property, defacement/pull-down of signs, and other issues of concern to the community. We also encourage neighbors to watch over each other’s property and to report suspicious or illegal actions by calling the Front Gate at 540-888-3936 or the Administrative Office at 540-931-0951. These numbers should be posted where they can be readily accessed.

The Security Committee will work closely with the office and front gate, who already have a good idea who most of the perpetrators are. Our task will be to catch them in the act and prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law. Consider this fair warning. If you don’t want to screw up your life, clean up your act. And parents, you may want to warn your children. Once caught, we will pursue both prosecution and restitution.

~by Security Committee

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