September Board Meeting Recap


Written by Judy

On October 11, 2022

Provided by Board Secretary Elizabeth Hair

The Board approved the following during the Special Board meeting:

* A new marina anchoring system designed and installed in 2022 by Hazelett Marine and Waterfront Contracting for $280,000 using Undesignated Funds.

* Gangway work performed in 2022 by Lakeside Docks; NTE $23K using Undesignated Funds.

* Cash a $250K Certificate of Deposit Account Registry (CDAR) to fund the marina project.

* Approve upgrade, by BK Connected Solutions, of the Kantech security access panel (which catastrophically failed) at the Maintenance facility (NTE $7500 using IT Budget Funds).

* Replace, with commercial grade, electrical receptables in the Clubhouse.  Replace four track lights with smaller more energy-efficient / cooler LED fixtures and move existing electrical outlet from the track light to the center of the ceiling of the Great Room. Bulbs should be dimmable and easily replaced. (NTE budget of $7K; installed during the Clubhouse refresh project.)

* General Manager, Mr. Mike Goodwin, contact S&B Food Services, LLC regarding their contract.

The Board approved the following during the Regular Board meeting:

* Requested Compliance review dog leash laws, incorporated into PRP 2, Common Area Use and provide comment by the next Board meeting.

* Update PRP 13, Communications incorporating new LH technologies, i.e., official FB page.

* Formation of a jetty/beach reconfiguration at Beach II to mitigate sand movement; CIP funds.

* Funded fish stocking in the lake for 2022; using Replacement Reserves funding.

* Landscape beautification using Capital Improvement Funds.

* Reading Landscaping perform fall maintenance of landscaping to include weeding, mulching, edging, and pruning; using Undesignated Funds.

* Approved changes to the Employee Handbook.

* Approved NDA and Confidentiality Statements be signed by Directors at the Organizational Meeting.

* Approve GM salary increase and bonus with a new 3-year employment agreement.

More details in the Board Book, which can be found on the Lake Holiday website.

The Organizational Board Meeting will be 25 Oct for new and former Directors

at 6:30 p.m. in the Clubhouse Great Room.

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