TechComm Tip – Keep a Backup!


Written by Anthony Morelli

On February 26, 2018

We all love our pictures and videos and memories that we keep on our phones and computers. But we never think about failures in technology that may cause us to lose those, and more importantly, the documents that we keep on our devices.

Keeping a backup has always been a smart solution to ensuring we can recover lost data. With technology today, many services offer free or low cost storage solutions that we can leverage to ensure that our documents are backed up and protected from local system failures.

For more robust and reliable backup requirements for home computers, there are options that allow you to keep revisions of your documents, backup other PCs and devices to a single location, and even share your backups so others can retrieve files from them.

No matter what features you need, basic backup strategies for your data should be a top priority and should be part of your everyday technology usage.

It’s only important, when you need it!

~by TechComm Committee

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