We Need You to Volunteer!


Written by Anthony Morelli

On November 13, 2017

Committees Thrive with Your Help…

With the Annual Meeting upon us and new Directors about to join the board for the 2017-2018 term, now is the time to consider supporting your community and the Board of Directors by volunteering as a member of any one or more Committees that interest you!

The Architectural Committee’s primary goal is to maintain and enhance property values in Lake Holiday.

The Compliance Committee provides a peer review for any property owner alleged to have breached any of the requirements of Covenants of Deeds of Dedication, Bylaws, or Policies, Rules and Procedures (PRPs).

The Activities Committee promotes a community spirit throughout the year through coordinating a variety of community activities annually.

The Buildings and Grounds Committee, in consultation with the General Manager, shall provide recommendations to the Board of Directors upon their request or initiate ideas that require Board approval for implementation concerning improvements and repair to association existing / proposed amenities and structure on common area.

The TechComm Committee shall assist the Board of Directors and Office Staff as appropriate in making critical decisions by providing assistance, advice, research, and recommendations involving all matters related to technology & communications.

Under the oversight and direction of the Treasurer, the Finance Committee shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors that ensure fiscally responsible policies and procedures are implemented.

The purpose of the Lake Committee recommends actions and projects to the Board of Directors for preserving and enhancing the health, conservation and quality of the lake. The committee works to promote safe and appropriate operation of recreation lake activities.

The Master Planning Committee’s primary goal is to provide the community with a sense of direction. The committee shall create and update a Master Plan for the Association that helps guide the Board of Directors and committees in budget process for future enhancements to the community and current asset management.

The Security Committee plans for and makes recommendations for implementation to enhance security & safety solutions throughout Lake Holiday for residents, staff, and all assets.

Your help is critical in support of moving the community forward; your influence and feedback makes a difference.  Please consider supporting your community and any one or more of these committees by volunteering.

(Submitted by Anthony Morelli)

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