The Beaches

Beach I

Beach I is the primary beach within Lake Holiday and is located adjacent to the Clubhouse. During the summer months, members and guests enjoy the convenience of restrooms, showers, and a privately-operated snack bar in the lower level of the Clubhouse.  As the community grows, projects designed to promote the continued enjoyment of our members and their guests is ongoing.

Beach II

Beach II has grown in popularity and features an adjoining campground.  A boat dock was added in 2011.  In successive years, the implementation of a re-sculpted beach and the addition of sand to the cove beach area were undertaken.  A playground became a reality in 2017 to complement the sand volleyball court.  Additional boat and kayak racks have been added as well. Suggested future improvements to the area include: shoreline armoring for erosion prevention; potential upgrading of the campground sites; improved parking, installing a shelter in the picnic area; expanding and improving the sandy beach and general upgrading of the landscaping in the area.  The recent addition of water and sewer lines to Sleigh Drive, the road that takes residents to Beach II, the possibility of building a bathhouse with restrooms has become a feasible option as well.

Beach III

Beach III is located directly across the lake from the Clubhouse. Improving the roads leading to the beach, adding sand to the beach area, providing dock access, and tent camping are planned.  In the meantime, a basic tie-up dock has been added to Beach III as well as greatly improved landscape grooming and the addition of picnic benches for all those who visit Beach III.

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