The Lake

Preserving lake water quality is of paramount importance to ensure that Lake Holiday continues to be one of the premier lakes and fisheries in Virginia.  Balancing the sensitive ecosystem of plants, fish, animals, and the environment and using the knowledge gained over the course of several decades is significant in helping to protect and improve our lake.  A Lake Management Plan has been created by the Lake Committee and is used as a guide for our preservation and protection efforts.

One aspect of the Lake Management Plan, the professional water testing program, samples biological parameters to monitor lake health and includes dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll, turbidity, as well as levels of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. Water testing has shown that phosphorus from fertilizers entering the lake primarily through storm events and erosion, leads to the growth of algae and excess aquatic vegetation and requires careful management.

Lake Holiday’s test results are being evaluated by experts in the field of fresh water lakes (limnology) to determine any restoration methods which limit phosphorus and sediment from entering the lake that may need to be undertaken.  The Lake Management Plan also includes ongoing assessment of aquatic vegetation, sediment accumulation, and the health and restocking of the fishery.

Lake bathymetry, a necessary part of a lake management plan, was performed in 2017. This topographical three-dimensional study shows all the contours and depths of the lake. This map will be a baseline for helping aquatic biologists and engineers determine specifications for any infrastructure required in the future to slow the processes which allow sediment to enter the lake from the tributaries; to reveal how much sediment continues to fill in the lake bed; and to analyze how much erosion is occurring to the land surrounding the lake.

The Lake Committee continues to annually review the Boating Guidelines and propose revisions to the Board of Directors when appropriate. The Lake Committee’s goal is to ensure that the membership enjoys a variety of safe recreational activities such as swimming, power boating, water skiing, paddle boarding, kayaking and fishing.

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